2022 Concert Series at Sherman Village Park Amphitheater is HERE!! Did you say Journey . .Def Leppard .. Eagles . . Van Halen . . Led Zeppelin . . Pink Floyd .. AC/DC . . Too Hype Crew . . the Beasty Boys, Guns & Roses, the Cars, KIDD ROCK! . .WELL WE GOT IT!! NEED A BREAK FROM ROCK AND ROLL .. HOW ABOUT SOME NSync, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, JONAS BROTHERS AND MORE WITH "THE BOY BAND EXPERIENCE" and "BREAKFAST CLUB" . . . HANKERIN' FOR THAT COUNTRY MUSIC . CHECK IT OUT . .Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Brushville, Highway 615 , Matt Miller Band, Riley Bourne & Lone Hollow Band and more . . and lets not forget some incredible local/area bands that are guaranteed to satisfy your live music taste with RockHouse; Brandy Kristen & the Revival, 3s Company, Deja Voodoo, The Brat Pack, Sleeping Doggzz . . all live and all this season!! You asked and our staff worked extra hard to find a great mix of live music for the upcoming Season . . Get your dance shoes ready and let the good times roll this Summer !!! SEE COMMENT SECTION BELOW FOR JPEG SCHEDULE ..FOR A SCHEDULE WITH HYPERLINKS TO THE PERFORMERS PLEASE EMAIL REQUEST AT INFO@SHERMANIL.ORG . . . For a complete schedule of all live concerts with hyperlinks to performers . .click here . . https://www.shermanil.org/.../Village-Park.../news-detail/